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Rebel Cookies

GSC X (Double OG Sour x Starfighter) bx2 f4


Rebel Cookies

Lineage GSC X (Double OG Sour x Starfighter) bx2 f4
Flowering Time 9–10.5 weeks
Outdoor Harvest 10.10–10.18

This variety of GSC is “forum cut” crossed with a male created from our favorite female phenotype of our Double OG Sour line and a male Starfighter gifted to us from a friend and elite seed collector. The results are impressive to say the least. This outstanding strain has a killer yield with extremely high-potency flowers that are unbelievably dense, frosty, and resin-encrusted with colors that range from deep purple to a beautiful light lime green. We backcrossed the line back to GSC, adding more favorable GSC traits while maintaining a higher yield, more vigor, and an increased resin production and overall potency. After testing five hybrids, we ended up with a radical strain that improves upon the classic GSC clone. This is memorable cannabis.

Seeds from our personal collection are for sourvinir and novelty purposes only and contain less than .3% THC