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Lemon Sugar Kush

Lemon Larry OG X (Double OG Sour X Starfighter) (IX)


Lemon Sugar Kush

Lineage Lemon Larry OG X (Double OG Sour X Starfighter) (IX)
Flowering Time 9–10.5 weeks
Outdoor Harvest 10.5–10.18

Featuring the highly sought-after Lemon Larry OG mom, this Double OG variety is a favorite. The addition of our Double OG Sour sparked vigorous growth rates, impressive resin production, and astringent lemony terpenes in a plant that is easier to grow and significantly more potent than its predecessors. These massive plants produce long, full, and incredibly dense flowers with great internode spacing and a beautiful lime green color that carries a serious bag appeal. We’re confident that even the most seasoned growers will be impressed, as this high-yielding and high-potency strain is truly one of our best.

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Seeds from our personal collection are for sourvinir and novelty purposes only and contain less than .3% THC