Deep in the mountains of The Emerald Triangle where cell service is sparse, and the digital world becomes distant, lies Rebel Grown. Carrying on the traditions of growers past, we strive to improve lives and be a positive influence to the universe by helping to create and share some of the best cannabis genetics on the planet. Not all magic is created from the same inspiration. The energy of a grower can be felt through the experience of their offerings. What we take from the earth we must give back.

Our genetics represent a lifelong journey of passion, devotion, sacrifice, and love. Bred and arduously selected over 12 years, tucked away deep in the mountains of Southern Humboldt County, our genetics have been a trusted source for some of the largest farmers in the Emerald Triangle and California for years. We offer a diverse spectrum of Cannabis seeds for any type of grower. We are honored to share our multiple award winning world class genetics for all to experience.

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